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The use of gingerols – a new ingredient for weight loss — Staherb


The use of gingerols – a new ingredient for weight loss

Curcumin is also known as gingerol. Gingerol is a fierce fighter against free radicals, which can strongly and effectively prevent free radicals from harming the body‘s mechanism of aging. It stimulates the expansion of the heart and peripheral blood vessels, accelerates blood circulation, promotes metabolism, diuresis, and swelling, and helps the body to sweat and burn fat quickly. Why does curcumin have such amazing effects on weight loss and fat reduction?

Because curcumin is a metabolic stimulant that helps your body produce a lot of heat in a short time, and your body needs to burn stored fat to produce heat, which has a great effect on the whole body‘s metabolism and fat storage. Studies have shown that consuming foods that produce large amounts of heat (such as ginger or ginger products) can increase the rate of metabolism by up to about 5% and the rate of fat burning by up to about 16%. In addition, curcumin can prevent the metabolic slowdown that accompanies weight loss. With both volatile oil and pungent substances, the body becomes warmer faster, and in addition to sweating and diuresis, toxins are also excreted from the body; at the same time, curcumin can also promote the secretion of more bile from the gallbladder, which leads to more vigorous fat decomposition, including triglycerides and LDL cholesterol can be reduced, which improves metabolism and achieves the purpose of slimming and fat reduction.

To sum up, ginger extract – ginger spice is excellent in weight loss and fat reduction, while it is itself medicinal and food, non-toxic, and has non-side effects, is one of the ingredients of many drugs and functional foods, such as instant ginger tea, ginger-based solid or liquid drinks, ginger-flavored sweet food, etc., suitable for long-term consumption. Ginger extract, one of our hot-selling single products, can be completely dissolved in water, with a heavy spicy taste, the flavor can be completely released, and super stable. If ginger extract is added to the raw material of weight loss products, it can not only achieve the effect of weight loss and fat reduction but also have the function of preventing obesity when consumed by the human body, which is a natural and healthy health product for weight control.

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