Changsha Staherb Magnolol Honokiol Magnolia Bark Extract Medical supplement Efficacy and function of Ganoderma lucidum extract-Changsha Staherb

Efficacy and function of Ganoderma lucidum extract-Changsha Staherb


1. Anticancer activity

After medical research, it was found that after taking Ganoderma lucidum extract for treatment, about half of the tumors subsided. Therefore, Ganoderma lucidum extract can play a certain role in anticancer activity. However, this does not mean that cancer can be treated with Ganoderma lucidum extract. These are two concepts. Don’t confuse them.

2. Protect cardio-cerebrovascular health

Ganoderma lucidum extract can increase endurance and replenish blood and vitality. It can contribute to energy synthesis at the cell level, thus improving cardiovascular disease. It has a good health care effect on hypertension and can reduce platelet aggregation.

3. Protect the liver

Ganoderma lucidum extract has a slight to moderate effect of reducing platelet aggregation, which may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in the future. It also shows that it can increase endurance, blood flows into the brain and improve cell oxygenation. Similarly, it contributes to energy synthesis at the cellular level, which may improve cardiovascular health and be used to improve memory and intelligence in some cultures, including the successful application in the study of Alzheimer’s disease patients.

4. Health care and repair of the nervous system

The greatest effect of Ganoderma lucidum extract is to supplement energy and function. People are in poor mental states and under great mental pressure. Ganoderma lucidum extract can play a good role.

5. Anti-aging, invigorating

Ganoderma lucidum extract can increase the energy and vitality of life, increase thinking ability and prevent amnesia. Long-term use can delay aging.

6. Anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects

Ganoderma lucidum extract can significantly improve the free radical scavenging ability of blood, especially against significantly harmful hydroxyl free radicals. The hydroxyl radical scavenging ability of Ganoderma lucidum is so strong that the scavenging effect of Ganoderma lucidum extract continues after it is absorbed and metabolized.

7. Improve sleep

Ganoderma lucidum extract has certain effects on prolonging pentobarbital sodium sleep time, pentobarbital sodium subthreshold hypnotic dose test, and shortening pentobarbital sodium sleep latency test. Conclusion Ganoderma lucidum extract can improve sleep.

8. Improve the immune system

Ganoderma lucidum extract can regulate many components of the immune system, some of which are believed to have obvious anti-tumor properties.

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