Changsha Staherb Magnolol Honokiol Magnolia Bark Extract Medical supplement Vitamin K2 supplement may promote retinal health-Changsha Staherb

Vitamin K2 supplement may promote retinal health-Changsha Staherb


We generally believe that vitamin K2 is a nutrient for heart and bone health. New research has found that the mechanism of vitamin K2 is beneficial to vision health. Matrix Gla protein is widely expressed in the eye and is involved in maintaining the structural integrity of trabecular meshwork, sclera, and retinal ganglion cells. In the mouse experiment, the matrix Gla protein was also expressed in a large amount in the retinal microvessels and showed the characteristics of anti-calcification and anti-malnutrition.

The research of “inactive matrix Gla protein is a new circulating biomarker for predicting the narrowing of human retinal arterioles” was published in Scientific Reports. 935 participants (50.3% female, mean age 40.9 years old) were randomly recruited for the trial and were followed up for 11 years. The diameter of retinal arterioles was evaluated by non-pupillary retinal photography.

The results showed that circulating inactive matrix Gla protein was a long-term predictor of retinal arteriole diameter, and vitamin K2 supplementation might promote retinal health. At the same time, it is also pointed out that the activated matrix Gla protein is an effective inhibitor of arterial calcification and helps to maintain the integrity of renal and myocardial microcirculation.

Reliable scientific evidence is effective evidence to support the benefits of vitamin K2 supplementation on eye health. Only by meeting the eye nutrition needs can we better protect eye health. In addition, in terms of diet, we can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, which is also conducive to the recovery of dry eye and visual fatigue. Eyes are sensitive and fragile. Only by properly protecting them and making them “work and rest”, can we better feel the colorful world with our eyes.

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