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Introduction of Red Yeast Rice and its extracts – Changsha Staherb


Red yeast rice is the name of a Chinese herbal. It is made from indica rice, japonica rice, glutinous rice, and other rice by fermentation with Monascus, and is brownish red or purplish red rice. It is an irregular particle, like broken rice; It is brownish red in appearance, crisp in texture, pink in section, slightly sour, and light in taste. It is better to be red and crisp in texture and aged for a long time.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used for postpartum lochia, abdominal pain due to stasis, the fullness of appetite, red and white diarrhea, and bruises.


The main ingredients of Red yeast rice are lovastatin, monascus pigment г- Aminobutyric acid, and unsaturated fatty acid have the function of “promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, strengthening spleen and digestion, warming the stomach”. Lovastatin in monascus has the effect of lowering blood lipids, which is considered to be the most promising lipid-lowering drug at present and is suitable for people with high blood lipids. At the same time, it is also a food supplement with high safety, mainly used for health care products for the elderly.

Red yeast rice extract is widely used in winemaking, fermented food, food colorants, health food and medicine, and other fields. Its main products include Di’ao Xinxuekang, Dongfang Jiangzhi capsule, Xuezhikang capsule, Xuezhikang capsule, Zhining capsule, etc.

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