Changsha Staherb Magnolol Honokiol Magnolia Bark Extract Feed additive Five main uses of natural Substitute antibiotics plant extracts 2– Changsha Staherb

Five main uses of natural Substitute antibiotics plant extracts 2– Changsha Staherb


Five main uses of natural Substitute antibiotics plant extracts — Changsha Staherb

Feed additive refers to a small amount or trace amount of substances added into the feed to meet special needs. It is used in a small amount but has a significant effect on the feed. Feed additive is an inevitable raw material for the modern feed industry, which has obvious effects on strengthening the nutritional value of basic feed, improving animal production performance, promoting animal growth and development, and improving the quality of animal products.

Five main uses of natural substitute antibiotics plant extracts

3、 Promote growth and development

Growth promoters have the effects of preventing and controlling diseases, enhancing immunity, promoting growth, etc. Its use has increased rapidly in recent decades and has played a positive role in improving the production performance of livestock and poultry

Recommended products: Echinacea extract 4% polyphenol, 4% cichoric acid  Echinacea Extract

4、 Improve the quality of livestock products

Consumers have increasingly higher requirements for the quality of livestock products. Through feed additives, the appearance, color, and internal quality of livestock products can be improved, the shelf life of livestock products can be extended, and at the same time, better sales prices can be obtained and economic benefits can be increased.

Recommended products: rosemary extract 5% – 20% rosemary acid, 10% – 20% urooxalic acid Rosemary extract

5、 Improve the breeding environment

Through appropriate feed additives, the production of harmful gases such as ammonia and methane in the animal body can be reduced, and the emission of nitrogen, phosphorus, and other elements can be reduced, to improve the livestock environment. At the same time, it can also improve the utilization of feed protein, promote animal growth, improve the quality of animal products, and reduce the incidence of animal diseases. Magnolia officinalis extract, angelica extract, ginger extract, etc.), standardized plant extract production workshop (eucommia extract, macleaya extract, rosemary extract, etc.), plant effective component monomer separation and purification workshop (dihydromyricetin, amygdalin, myricetin, honokiol, and honokiol, etc.)

Recommended product: yucca extract 30% – 60% yucca saponin

When selecting additives, it is necessary to understand the nature, composition, and characteristics of the product, which is the main basis for reasonable use in combination with the breeding objects and conditions. Choose natural, green, and safe products as much as possible.

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