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Application of Mangosteen extract – Changsha Staherb


Application of Mangosteen extract

Health food development: make various kinds of nutritional supplements, effervescent tablets, drug research, development, etc.

Food and beverage development: mangosteen solid beverage, mangosteen jelly, and canned mangosteen. The red pigment in the mangosteen peel can be used as a natural and ideal edible pigment.

Daily chemical development: Mangosteen extract is harmless to the skin and has no side effects on the skin. It is of interest to the cosmetics industry and the skin cleaning industry to put the Mangosteen peel extract into the ingredients of various products. For example, mangosteen shell soap, mangosteen facial cleanser, facial mask, lotion, and other skin care products eliminate body odor and alleviate skin diseases and acne. The effect is excellent and popular with today’s consumers.


  • Development of biological pesticides: Mangosteen peel extracthas good insecticidal and antibacterial activity, so it can be used as an alternative material for the development of new botanical pesticides.
  • The research shows that the purified flavone extract of Mangosteencan be used in cigarettes to effectively modify smoke and reduce irritation, and has broad development prospects.

Changsha Staherb:

Changsha Staherb is committed to the research and development and production of natural ingredients and raw materials, and supplies food-grade mangosteen extract. The factory is equipped with complete extraction, concentration, batching, sterilization, spray, and other equipment to meet the production needs of different types of products.

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