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Anti-depression Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract


Magnolia officinalis subsp. biloba comes from Magnoliaceae, a genus of Magnolia. It is a variety of Magnolia officinalis. It is different from other Magnolia officinalis in that the leaf apex is concave. The flowering period is from April to May, which is just a few days, but there are not many flowers on a tree. The flowering period is not long, and it is easy to wither.

Magnolia officinalis is produced in Anhui, western Zhejiang, Jiangxi (Lushan Mountain), Fujian, southern Hunan, northern Guangdong, northern Guangxi and northeastern China. Born in forests with an altitude of 300-1400 meters. It is mostly cultivated at the foot of mountains and near villages.

The wood with concave leaves and magnolia officinalis is used for building, panel, furniture, sculpture, musical instrument, joinery, etc. The leaves are big and shady, and the flowers are big and beautiful. It can be used as a greening and ornamental tree species. The bark can be used as medicine, but its function is not as good as that of Magnolia officinalis. The flower buds and seeds are also used for medicine.

The bark, root bark, flowers, seeds and buds of Magnolia officinalis can be used as medicine, mainly bark, which is a famous Chinese medicine. It has the effects of removing dampness and inducing stagnation, promoting qi to relieve asthma, removing food and phlegm, expelling wind and relieving pain.

Experimental studies have proved that the extracts of Magnolia officinalis have significant antidepressant activity. The antidepressant active ingredients of Magnolia officinalis are mainly magnolol, honokiol and honokiol. Therefore, Magnolia officinalis extract has become a common Chinese medicine for the treatment of depression, not only for children, young people and the elderly, but also for depression associated with various body diseases.

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