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Ginger essential oil ginger extract Changsha Staherb


Ginger essential oil is one of the best natural medicines for regulating colic, indigestion, diarrhea, spasm and stomachache.

Ginger essential oil can remove mucus from the throat and lungs, and can also fight the common cold and flu.

Ginger essential oil is a bactericide, which can kill microorganisms and bacterial infections.

Ginger essential oil is effective against malaria, an infectious disease transmitted by mosquitoes.

Ginger essential oil can also be used as a natural medicine to relieve nausea and treat vomiting;

Ginger essential oil has the effect of lowering cholesterol and anticoagulation.

Ginger roots contain very high levels of antioxidants, which can help prevent certain types of cell damage, especially those caused by oxidation; Ginger essential oil can relieve anxiety, depression and fatigue when using aromatherapy.

Ginger essential oil can relieve menstrual pain, headache, backache and muscle soreness due to its active ingredient ginger protease.

Research shows that taking one or two drops of ginger essential oil every day is more effective than the painkillers prescribed by general doctors in treating muscle and joint pain, because it can reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation.

Changsha Staherb supply:

Ginger essential oil

Ginger extract: 10:1 TLC

Gingerol 6-Gingerol:  1%-40% HPLC

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