Changsha Staherb Magnolol Honokiol Magnolia Bark Extract food addtitive Natural plant extract chlorogenic acid-Substitute antibiotics

Natural plant extract chlorogenic acid-Substitute antibiotics


Natural plant extract Eucommia ulmoides leaves extract chlorogenic acid, which is a new feed additive approved by the Ministry of Agriculture for production and use.

Product feature:

(1) Eucommia chlorogenic acid is a natural plant extract. Changsha Staherb is located in the raw material base of Eucommia in Hunan, and Eucommia chlorogenic acid is in stock all the year round.

(2) Eucommia chlorogenic acid is an effective component with definite function and quantitative control of active components.

(3) Chlorogenic acid has non-specific antibacterial effect, can directly sterilize and inhibit bacteria, is not easy to produce resistance to pathogenic microorganisms, and can replace antibiotic feed additives.

(4) Eucommia chlorogenic acid can regulate the immune function of the body, effectively improve the meat quality and flavor of aquaculture products, and improve the commercial value of products.

It meets the requirements of safety, sanitation and environmental protection, and is beneficial to human health.

Eucommia chlorogenic acid 5-98%   Changsha Staherb

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