What is Honokiol-From Mangnolia Officinalis Bark


What is Honokiol-From Mangnolia Officinalis Bark

Honokiol is a pleiotropic compound which been isolated from Magnolia species such as Magnolia grandiflora and Magnolia dealbata. Magnolia species Magnolia grandiflora is used in traditional medicine for the treatment of various diseases. It has been used as an herbal remedy for  anxiety in China at low daily doses in tea for 2000 years.Starting around 1991, and continuing steadily since then, scientific testing at University Medical Research Labs around the world, have found that Honokiol is a potent killer of various tested types of human cancer cells grown in host mice, and to be non-toxic at the doses that achieved these results. Honokiol has also killed various tested types of human cancer cells in lab cultures.


Honokiol (from Magnolia Bark) has been found to kill cancer cells through the process of anti-angiogenesis — restricting the microscopic blood vessels that feed cancer cells. As such, if effective in humans, then may have a use against most forms of cancer. If Honokiol proves to remain at a significant level in the human bloodstream before being broken down and eliminated by the body, then as an oral or i.v. agent Honokiol might also make an effective addition to a cocktail of anti-angiogenesis “Targeted Drugs”

Changsha Staherb Natural Ingredients Co., Ltd., a good supplier of professional herb extracts. Mangnolia Officinalis Bark Extract is one of our main product since 2010.

【Product name】 Honokiol; Mangnolia Officinalis Bark Extract
【INCI name】 Honokiol
【Plant source】 Mangnolia Officinalis Bark
【Appearance】 Brown yellow powder (white powder with high content)
【Specifications】 Honokiol: 1%-98% HPLC (Accept OEM)
【Use】 Medicine, cosmetics, daily chemical products,ect
【Packaging】 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel
【Storage conditions】 Store in a dry, cool and well ventilated place
【Shelf life】 Two years

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