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Anti-bacterial Expert – Magnolia Bark Extract


Anti-bacterial Expert – Magnolia Bark Extract

Source: dried bark of Magnolia officinalis, a magnoliaceae plant.

Extraction prcess: made by supercritical CO2 extraction and processing.

Active ingredients: magnolol, honokiol

Product Description: white to light yellow powder, fragrant, spicy and slightly bitter.

Other specifications commonly used for Magnolia officinalis extract:

① Magnolol 2% – 98%

② Honokiol 2% – 98%

③ Magnolia officinalis total phenol 2% – 98%

④ Magnolia officinalis essential oil (total phenol) 15%

Product features:

  1. The content of active ingredient Magnolol and Honokiol is high: supercritical CO2 extraction is adopted, and the content can reach 99% without damaging the effective active ingredient;
  1. The product is natural. Compared with traditional solvent extraction, water extraction and supercritical CO2 extraction, it does not produce quinones and alkaloid residues.
  1. Changsha staherb natural ingredients co.,ltd. is located in Hunan, the origin of Magnolia officinalis, and has a raw material planting base to ensure the quality and sustainable supply of raw materials.

Hunan Magnolia officinalis Planting Base:

It has a million square meter Magnolia officinalis planting base.

Non transgenic, ecological planting.

100% traceable to ensure the source of high-quality raw materials.

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