Changsha Staherb Magnolol Honokiol Magnolia Bark Extract food addtitive The differences between Honokiol and magnolol

The differences between Honokiol and magnolol


The differences between Honokiol and magnolol ( the main ingredients in Magnolia Officinalis Extract )

Today we will talk about the main ingredients in Magnolia Officinalis extract, the efficacy of honokiol and magnolol, and their difference.

Magnolia Officinalis’ flowers, fruits, bark and root bark, can be used as medicine. The medicinal ingredients of Magnolia Officinalis are different in different places, among which the root bark of Magnolia Officinalis is the main one, and honokiol and magnolol in the bark are the same in different tree ages, but the medicinal contents are different.

Magnolia Officinalis Tree

Therefore, after careful consideration, Changsha Staherb has selected the bark of Magnolia Officinalis from the west of Hubei Province and the southwest of Hunan Province to produce honokiol and magnolol. Because the Magnolia Officinalis produced in these areas has the highest content of these two ingredients and the best quality.

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Differences Between Honokiol and Magnolol

Name Honokiol Magnolol
Cas Number 35354-74-6 528-43-8
Molecular Formula C18H18O2 C18H18O2
Molecular Weight 266.33 266.33
EINECS 609-119-8 610-903-7
Melting Point 87.5℃ 102℃
Molecular Structure
Function Both magnolol and honokiol have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities, and their effects are very similar. However, the difference between the two is reflected in that magnolol is more irritating than honokiol in daily cosmetics. Therefore, honokiol is more favored by formulation engineers.



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