Yohimbine extract


Yohimbine extract Latin name: Corynante Yohimbe

Part of the plant used: bark

Product specifition: 8% yohimbine(HPLC)

Product type: Powder,

Granular or Capsule Brief description: The origin of yohimbine is Africa. The active ingredient of yohimbe is yohimbine, which is widely used for curing sexual dysfunction that resulted from tension, pressure and fatigue. Meanwhile, it could also increase the strain of sexual muscle, which is provided with the urine repressing function with no damnification. In addition, it could speed energy circulation of body to increase the energy supply. At present, it is mainly used as the raw material of nourishi-ment in improving sexual performance.

Traditional Uses: treating impotence, it has also shown to be effective in treating sexual dysfunction Caused by psychological reasons, like stress, tension or fatigue, combats weight loss.

Packing detail: cardboard drums, with double aseptic food poly bags inside. 25kgs/drum.

Shelf Life :Two years when properly stored.

Storage :Tightly sealed in a clean, cool, dry area. Keep away from strong, direct light.

author: staherb



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