Sichuan Pepper Oleoresin


               Sichuan Pepper Oleoresin

High-quality Sichuan pepper, Supercritical CO2 Process

Red Sichuan Pepper Oleoresin

Production process:supercritical CO2 extraction.

Main ingredients:Sanshool,Limonene, Citronellol, Eugenol etc

Technical Parameters:Sanshool content 180 ± 5mg / g, volatile ≥ 35%.

Shelf life:Store in a cool, dry place for 18 months.

Sichuan pepper oleoresin is a flavoring substance of Sichuan pepper, which is obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction technology using Sichuan pepper as raw material. staherb source high quality red Sichuan pepper of Wudu, in Gansu Province as raw material, to produce red Sichuan pepper oleoresin. The product is of a yellow-brown oil-soluble liquid , with excellent freely fluidity and dispersibility, and has a strong and pure character of unique aroma of Sichuan pepper.

Applications:It can be added in an appropriate dosages according to final production requirements, and is mainly used to strengthen unique aroma of sichuan pepper of the product, such as salty flavoring food, seasoning oil, snack food, daily chemical products, etc.

The reference dosages:0.1-2 %.

It will be observed tiny crystal of natural sanshool component as sediment at room temperature, which can be dissolved by heating to 55-60 °C before use.

author: staherb



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