Applications of SCF technology


Applications of SCF technology

1. Medicine Industry

Separation-purification of active compounds in the Chinese traditional medicine
Concentration & refining of medicinal crude stuff
Separation-refining of lipid mixture
Removal of organic solvents
Preparation of nano-meter organic pharmaceuticals
Supercritical carbon dioxide sterilization

2. Food and Ferment Industry

Separation of resultants from the thalli mixture
Extraction of flavor and fragrance
Extraction of lipids from animals or herbals
Extraction of natural antioxidants
Extraction of edible coloring matter
Removal of peculiar smell, color, acid and organic solvent
Removal of injurant and toxicant

3. Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry

Extraction of botanical essential oils and flavors
Refining or purifying of botanical essential oils and flavors
Extraction of functional ingredients

Preparation of nano-meter particles

4. Daily Used Chemicals Industry

Extraction of disinfectant and bactericide
Extraction of enhancing flavor matter
Extraction of functional ingredients


5. Petroleum And Chemical Industry

Removal of the residual petroleum
Regeneration of lubricant
Catalytic synthetics in supercritical fluid
Preparation and regeneration of high active catalyst
Refining of the stuff in organic synthesis
Separation of co-boiling mixture
Reclaiming of reaction stuff

6. Environment Protection Industry

Removal of heavy metals in stuff,clay,radioactive waste water and so on
Washing of precision instruments and election elements
Supercritical dyeing
Supercritical spraying-painting

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